The Reason

By Khairil Faizul - Oktober 21, 2011

(Ini entri yang agak jiwang merapu sedikit, jadi boleh muntah siap-siap kalau tak boleh terima. Saya terpaksa menulis dalam bahasa omputeh walaupun sangat berketeraburan sebab kalau menulis dalam BM memang serius akan jadi geli geleman tahap tak teringat dan akan berbaur macam lagu-lagu pop leleh 90 an. Saya tak suka lagu pop leleh 90 an.)

Honestly it's really bothering me if someone's asking me one reason (or more!) on why do i  fell head over heels for this one particular girl. And it really sends shivers down my spine if the one's asking curiously, you know, with her eyes staring at yours like those executioners waiting to chop your head off, is that girl herself! Arrgh, what have I gotten myself into, i would say.

Seriously to say though, I have none.

Not because I was in severe state of panic attack by that question, but honestly because i really couldn't think of one. Or maybe I don't even have any.

Consider this, will ya.

If I say that I love her because of her fun-loving and carefree personality, is that means that I would leave her when she's not in the mood, or when one day she's got sick and she's terribly in pain that she can barely open her mouth?

If I say that I love her because she is kind and caring, is that means that I would leave her when one day she suffers from a tragedy and she could no longer care about the others, let alone herself?

If I say that I love her because she is beautiful and attractive, is that means that I would leave her once she's getting old and wrinkles started shown on her face and all that, she's no longer beautiful and attractive?

You see, in my opinion (I don't know about you, though) you don't need to find one particular reason to fall for someone. When the time comes, it just happens. But as a Muslim, we are all aware that we have been given some guide lines on choosing our soul mate (or mates, hehe) so if you have to find one solid, particular reason, that would be it.

Back to the story, in the end I still have to state the reasons even my little heart said otherwise, but I opted to choose a safe path, you know, those cliche answers, hehe.

"Give me one good reason or say hello to your new mates in hell!"

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